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Foundations Of Mentoring




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Course Overview

Foundations of Mentoring

By studying the expectations, roles and responsibilities associated with impactful mentorship, you will develop your skills as a mentor and leader.

Given the importance of addressing systematic inequality as a hurdle to equitable education and opportunity, concepts such as subconscious bias, mental health and cultural sensitivity will be explored, as well as good communication and adaptive learning. This will allow you to assist your mentees in smoothly transitioning to study life, chasing their educational and career goals and furthering their personal development.

What to Expect

Course Breakdown

Incorporating written, video, and interactive content, this online course will equip you with the foundation knowledge, skills and sensitivity required to be an exceptional mentor. The course is flexible and self-paced and participants will earn the Mentoring Foundations digital badge for their resume.

01. Why are mentors essential?
02. How do mentors be most inclusive?
03. How do mentors communicate?
04. What can mentors do to guide others?
Chapter 01.
Chapter 02.
Chapter 03.
Chapter 04.


Learning Outcomes


Mentorship Basics

Understand the role of a mentor and the potential impacts of mentorship.



Explore concepts such as subconscious bias, wellbeing and cultural sensitivity.


Tools and Techniques

Learn practical tools and techniques for building meaningful and impactful relationships.

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